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Heavy duty linear actuators

3rd Quarter 2016, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The new Thomson Max Jac linear actuator is one of the most rugged actuators on the market today. The result of decades of experience in producing linear actuators for the mobile off-highway market, it is designed to endure the harshest environments. It is built to work virtually maintenance-free in environments where it may encounter fertiliser, acid, oil, grease, cleaning agents, mud, sand, high pressure water jets, slush, salt water, snow, heat or heavy vibrations. It is rated for IP66/IP69K and has been tested for 500 hours of salt spray.

The Max Jac is not only tough but is also a high performer that delivers speed, efficiency and accuracy in a compact envelope. The operating temperature range of the Max Jac stretches from -40 to +85°C; this is the widest range of all actuators on the market. Unlike most actuators the Max Jac can be washed directly with high pressure water jets and even be submerged for short periods when not operating. This eliminates the need for bellows or other protective devices. This simplifies cleaning and installation, reduces the size of the installation and lowers the total cost.

Like all Thomson linear actuators, the Max Jac can easily be customised to match the requirements of a specific application.


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Italian gear units that need no adapters

The full range of Hydromec gear units is available from Stone-Stamcor. Manufactured in Italy to European quality standards, the Hydromec range comprises worm, helical, helical-bevel, parallel shaft gear units and geared motors.

They are designed to accommodate standard IEC electric motors without the need for special adapters. Hydromec’s unique modular design enables each basic gear unit to be adapted to suit virtually any application by simply bolting on various off-the-shelf mounting attachments. This same feature also allows for simple drop-in replacement of any other brand of gear unit without modification to the existing machine. All units are assembled locally and filled with synthetic oil for lifelong lubrication, making them maintenance-free. Stainless steel versions are also available for the food processing industry and harsh environment applications.

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Modular VSD with wider speed range

The Var-Spe K series variable speed drive is well known for its robust construction and exceptional reliability, the Var-Spe hydrostatic variator has been remodelled to make it more adaptable and user friendly.

The new, patented modular design employs various standard Bolton mounting components as well as a choice of different control options. Compared to most speed variators, the Var-Spe unit offers higher efficiency and a wider speed range from zero to full motor speed in both directions of rotation. High starting torque, frequent starts, reversibility and adjustable torque limitation are all standard features of this durable, ATEX compliant speed variator. Available from Stone-Stamcor, the Var- Spe K can be coupled to any standard IEC or NEMA electric motor in the 0,37 to 4 kW power range while higher powers up to 22 kW remain available in the previous design format.

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THE A-Z OF electrical compression connections

WHEN terminating or splicing an electrical connection, one thing is common throughout this industry, you get one chance to do it right and the consequences of an incorrectly crimped termination or splice are far-reaching and not only costly but potentially dangerous and life threatening.

As an industry leader in local connector manufacture as well as decades of experience in supplying the A-Z component, tooling and crimping solution, Stone Stamcor proudly offers the expertise to advise you on the right connector with the right tooling to get the job done right the first time with specific focus on local conditions and specifications.

Special applications require unique knowledge of what the final result of a connection will be when using different combinations of connectors, tooling and crimp methods. Most importantly one connector, tool or method does not fit all applications.

Stone-Stamcor compression connectors have been designed to ensure reliable and controllable electrical connections, which can be inspected on installation.

Our copper compression connectors are manufactured from high-conductive electrolytic copper, which is tin plated. Our raw material supply is local and controlled through our ISO quality certification as well as that of our suppliers

The connector design has been matched to the cable size to provide the necessary electrical performance as well as mechanical strength; more importantly a local connector is more likely to be suited to local conductors and local conditions.

Copper compression lugs are recommended for use on copper conductors.

Aluminium compression connectors are recommended for use on aluminium conductors.

Bi-metallic connections are recommended when an aluminium conductor is connect to copper conductor or terminated to copper terminals.

There are two basic compression methods available: hexagonal and indent.

After compression, virtually all the air is effectively removed leaving a tight homogeneous mass of conductor and connector.

The hexagonal crimp method compresses the cable into hexagonal shapes forming a solid mass between the cable strands and the connector. Quality control is guaranteed on installation as the hexagonal crimp can be measured and compared to the A/F (Across Flats) of the dies, ensuring the correct die selection has been made, this could also verify the serviceability of the crimp tool being used.

The indent type crimp method can be used on any application except for PVC (Polyvinylchloride) insulated terminals such as ABC (Arial Bundle Cable) connectors and splices. This method is an excellent means of terminating flexible and welding cable. The result is a crimp with high pull-out strength and an excellent electrical connection.

Of utmost importance is that the correct tooling selection is essential, ensuring proper installation of the compression connector. As the connectors and dies are designed as a unit for specific wire/cable sizes, only the recommended tools and dies should be used.

Stone-Stamcor has a wide range of crimp tools available which includes ratchet, mechanical, hydraulic or battery. Some have permanent die grooves, rotary or change of die sets for each connector.

Stone-Stamcor compression connectors have been tested by an independent test laboratory to SANS IEC 61238-1.

Stone Stamcor offers a complete, standard or custom solution, from connector to crimp method to suit our unique local conditions, giving peace of mind that the job is done right the first time.

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Rotary unions for every need

Rotoflux supplies a range of rotary unions suited to any industry need. They can operate at speeds up to 20 000 rpm, pressures up to 400 bar and temperatures up to 340°C. The high speed range is available in a dry run version and will not fail if the flow of fluid runs dry. It is used extensively in the machine tool industry.

Rotary unions function by connecting to an input and securing onto another mechanism while allowing a moving connection. They provide a seal between a stationary supply passage (such as pipe or tubing) and a rotating part (such as a drum, cylinder or spindle) to permit the flow of a fluid into and out of the rotating part. Applications include machine tools, agricultural equipment, converting, plastics, printing and mining.

The heart of the rotary union is the seal, which prevents the medium from leaking from the rotary union while it is in operation. Seal faces are micro-lapped for a perfect mating. The Rotoflux balanced design keeps the pressure on the seal faces constant, regardless of the fluid pressure. Three springs made from inox steel ensure a constant force at the most appropriate specific pressure on the seal faces. Only high quality materials are used for Rotoflux unions and each one undergoes stringent testing before dispatch.

Careful control of the manufacturing process guarantees that all unions meet the technical specifications required to transfer fluid under pressure or vacuum from a stationary inlet to a rotating outlet, preserving and isolating the fluid connection.

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Linear actuators with superior performance

Thomson’s new Electrak HD electric linear actuator platform with flexible onboard electronics offers superior performance and unmatched environmental protection.

Industry-leading onboard electronics

The culmination of decades of design and application engineering, the Electrak modular control system (EMCS) is the foundation for the best onboard controls currently available and includes optional built-in J1939 CAN bus support. This enhances controllability, eliminates the need for individual standalone controls and simplifies OEM machine design.

The feature-rich modular design for all control and feedback options is simple to use and built within one compact housing, thereby saving space and reducing installation time and total cost.

Electronic trip point calibration ensures consistent overload protection. Constant monitoring of critical parameters, such as end-of-stroke, voltage, current and temperature is standard on all HD actuators. Each HD electric linear actuator is equipped with the Electrak Monitoring Package, which constantly monitors critical parameters and takes appropriate action as needed. Each unit resets automatically when conditions return to normal.

Built-in dynamic braking reduces coast at the end of stroke, improving repeatability, while the optional low-level switching with automatic sleep mode reduces footprint, lowers costs and boosts circuit isolation. Another feature is the optional end-of-stroke indication output for use in interlocks, for example.

Superior performance

Efficient actuator design, including a high quality ball screw, reduces current draw by up to 20%. Higher power up to 10 kN and longer stroke lengths up to 1000 mm enable the Electrak HD to tackle applications outside the range of other electric linear actuators. The higher power opens a new, wider range of hydraulic applications to electric conversion. The efficient actuator design, including a high quality ball screw, reduces current draw by up to 20%.

Additional standard features include integrated manual override, standard anti-rotation actuation and integrated thermal overload protection. A load lock protects against ball nut overload failure and there are flexible front and rear clevis options.

The optional control functions can eliminate the need for external controls, saving on design and installation time, as well as space and installed cost. A generous selection of control configurations can tailor the HD to a wide range of heavy duty applications.

Unrivalled environmental protection

Electrak HD is tested to meet and exceed the toughest OEM mechanical and electronic component acceptance tests in the market today, including IP69K (static), IP67 (static) and IP66 (dynamic). It is capable of operating in a wide temperature range from -40 to 85°C and is salt spray tested for 200 hours.

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