Niika Converting Products

Niika Converting Products

The Niika Group was founded in 1989 and has since then delivered engineering excellence. Today they are a leading manufacturer of clutches, brakes and systems for drive solutions in many industries. Their manufacturing site is located in Taiwan.

Niika have a proud long history and have structures and processes in place to ensure the long-term stability of the Group. Their values and long-term targets, which comprise stability, innovation, and growth, are aligned in this respect, too.

At present, Niika's main product line includes all of accessories use on unwind and rewind stand.

Our Products

Quality XLPE, Copper/Aluminium Lugs & Ferrules

Bi-metallic Lugs & Ferrules

C Shaped Copper Connectors

Toggle & Float Switches

Pre-Insulated Terminals


Busbar Fabrication Equipment

Niika Converting Products

Rotoflux Rotary Unions

Hydro-MEC – European Quality Gearboxes

Thomson Linear Motion Products

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