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Stone-Stamcor compression connectors have been designed to ensure reliable and controllable electrical connections which can be inspected on installation.

The copper compression connectors are manufactured from high-conductive electrolytic copper which are tin plated. The connector design has been matched to the cable size to provide the necessary electrical performance as well as mechanical strength.

Copper compression lugs are recommended for use on copper conductors. Aluminium compression connectors are recommended for use on aluminium conductors. Bi-Metallic connections are recommended when an aluminium conductor is connected to copper conductor or terminated to copper terminals.

There are two basic compression methods available, hexagonal and indent.

After compression virtually all the air is effectively removed leaving a tight homogeneous mass of conductor and connector.

The hexagonal crimp method compresses the cable into hexagonal shapes forming a solid mass between the cable strands and the connector. Quality control is guaranteed on installation as the hexagonal crimp can be measured and compared to the A/F (Across Flats) of the dies, ensuring the correct die selection has been made, this could also verify the serviceability of the crimp tool being used.

The indent type crimp method can be used on any application except for PVC (Polyvinylchloride) insulated terminals such as ABC (Arial Bundle Cable) connectors and splices. This method is an excellent means of terminating flexible and welding cable. The result is a crimp with high pull out strength and an excellent electrical connection.

The correct tooling selection is essential, ensuring proper installation of the compression connector. As the connectors and dies are designed as a unit for specific wire / cable sizes, only the recommended tools and dies should be used

Stone-Stamcor has a wide range of crimp tools available which includes ratchet, mechanical, hydraulic or battery. Some have permanent die grooves, rotary or change of die sets for each connector.

Stone-Stamcor compression connectors have been tested by an independent test laboratory to SANS IEC 61238-1.

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