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Compression Tooling

18V Battery Crimping Tools

Novopress - Busbar Fabrication Equipment

C – shaped copper earthtail crimpits and Bi-Metalic Lugs & Ferrules

Bi-Metallic – Torque Shear Lugs and Ferrules

NIIKA converting products

Rotoflux Rotary Unions

HYDRO-MEC - European Quality Gearboxes

Thomson Linear Motion Products

Warner Electric

Clutches Brakes Compressor Clutch Electro Brake Electro Clutches Brakes Electro Magnetic Electro Release Brake Fractional HP Clutches Brakes General Purpose OEX Control Magnetic Clutches Brakes Manual en MCS 2000 CTLT Motor Brake Bro Packaged Clutch Brake PB-120F PB-170F PB-250F PB-400F PB-500F PB-500FHD PB-650 PB-650F PB-825F PB-825FHD PB-1000F PB-1000FHD PB-1225F PB-1225FHD PB-1525F "PB-1525FHD PB Series PC-500B PC-825B PC-825BHD PC-1000B PC-1000BHD PC-1225B PC-1225BHD PC-1525B PC-1525BHD PCB-825F PCB-825FHD PCB-1000F PCB-1000FHD PCB-1225-1000F PCB-1225 1000 FHD PCB-1225F PCB-1225FHD PCB-1525 1225F PCB-1525 1225FHD PCBC-500F PCBC-500FHD PCBC-825F PCBC-1000F PCBC-1225 1000F PCBC-1225F PCBC-1525 1225 PCBC Series PCB Series PCC-500B PCC-500BHD PCC-825B PCC-1000B PCC-1225B PCC-1525B PCC Series PC Series Perm Mag Product en SAC SF-120B SF 120F SF 170B SF-170F SF-250B SF-250F SF-400B SF-400F SF-500B SF-650B SF-650BM SF-650F SF-825B SF-825BHD SF-825F SF-825FHD SF-1000B SF-1000BHD SF-1000F SF-1000FHD SF-1225B SF-1225BHD SF-1225F SF-1225FHD SF-1525B SF-1525BHD SF-1525BHT SF-1525F SF-1525FHD SF-1525FHT SFC-120B SFC-120F SFC-170B SFC-170F SFC-250B SFC-250F SFC-400B SFC-400F SFC-500B SFC-500BHD SFC-650B SFC-650F SFC-825B SFC-825F SFC-1000B SFC-1000F SFC-1225B SFC-1225F SFC-1525B SFC-1525BHT SFC-1525F SFC-1525FHT SFC Series SF Installation SFM Service Manual SFP-250 400 SFPBC-500F SFPBC-500FHD SFPBC-650F SFPBC Series SF series TB Manual en Tension Control Tension Control Systems Full en Tourque Limiters Wrao spring Clutch Wrap spring Wrap Springs Full en

Our Products

Quality XLPE, Copper/Aluminium Lugs & Ferrules

Bi-metallic Lugs & Ferrules

C Shaped Copper Connectors

Toggle & Float Switches

Pre-Insulated Terminals


Busbar Fabrication Equipment

Niika Converting Products

Rotoflux Rotary Unions

Hydro-MEC – European Quality Gearboxes

Thomson Linear Motion Products

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