“Shims also known as spacers / Steel gaskets is a piece of material cut from various alloys and steels to customer required profiles and thicknesses.

  • To fill gaps between components for support, alignment, adjustment for a better fit or provide a level surface.
  • Components subject to wear require maintenance/refurbishment e.g. flanges and mountings and material removed is compensated using a shim.
  • Inside of gearboxes, motors and pumps working parts can be refurbished and re-aligned using an application suitable shim.
    Target markets:
  • Mining and earthmoving equipment
  • Gearbox refurbishment and fitment
  • Motor refurbishment and fitment
  • Pump refurbishment and fitment
    Materials offered:
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel (ferritic/austenitic)
  • High carbon mild steel
  • Copper
  • Special steels alloys
    Scope of manufacturing:
  • We manufacture shims to the customer specified requirements regarding profiles/thickness’ , material requirements and shim environment working conditions”

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